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A leader in innovative treatment approaches for all injuries. Recommended by name by many specialist throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. 35 years providing most attentive and hands on therapy in a warm and friendly environment.

Midwood Physical Therapy was opened in 1985 by Kathleen Haddican. Avi Kleinman joined the practice over a decade ago. Kathleen and Avi's mission is to provide the highest quality therapy in a warm, comfortable and friendly environment. We, at Midwood Physical Therapy, believe that expertise and compassion must go hand-in-hand. As such, our Brooklyn clinic is run by the most highly experienced staff who treat patients like they’re part of our family. Kathleen and Avi are always available by phone or email for any questions our patients or anyone in the community may have. To make everyone feel more comfortable while they are undergoing their rehab, we give our valued patients a private treatment room as well as an option to have either a male or female therapist.

Since 1985, our neighbors suffering from back or neck pain, Sciatica, herniated discs, Rotator Cuff tears, knee arthritis and meniscus tears and many more injuries have turned to the office with the therapists they and their families have known and trusted for over a generation.

We are highly experienced in treating difficult injuries including Vertigo and other Vestibular injuries, TMJ dysfunction, Chronic Headaches, Bell's Palsey and other neurologic injuries.

We are proud to accept all insurance plans including all Managed Medicaid plans: FIDELIS, HEALTHFIRST, BLUE CROSS MEDICAID/HEALTHPLUS, UNITED COMMUNITY PLAN, METROPLUS, WELLCARE and many more. We also accept all major medical plans, Medicare and Managed Medicare including: AARP, United Medicare Solutions, Mediblue, Aetna Medicare and many more. We accept No Fault, Workmen's Compensation, 1199, FDNY and NYPD and many more.


We provide physical, occupational, and hand therapy to the residents of Brooklyn. Contact us to learn more about our services or to book an appointment. We also accept walk-in appointments.


Midwood Physical Therapy

We are Owner-Operated

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